Preview: Thrice, Moving Mountains, La Dispute, O’Brother @ Royale 10.18.11

by Jeff Curry (Behavioral Neuroscience), published October 17th 2011

Thrice, Moving Mountains, La Dispute, and O’Brother all under the roof of the beautiful Royale. Pinch me. This Tuesday, October 18th, ladies and gents, will be a night for the ages. With a line-up this solid, all the pushing, shoving, sweating, yelling, and awkward body rubbing suddenly seem surprisingly alright.

My ears (and hopefully yours, too) certainly won’t mind, for they will be way too busy getting serenaded by Moving Mountains’ heavy take on post-rock, La Dispute’s borderline-biblical storytelling, and, well, we all know how brilliant Thrice is. What your ears might, however, be unfamiliar with is the first band of the evening, O’Brother. Hailing from Atlanta and pulling a wide variety of influences ranging from Cave In to Sigur Ros, their genre-defying take on experimental rock is certainly worth arriving early for.  But it doesn’t stop there for O’Brother. Their debut effort Garden Window pulls from an array of influences well beyond the scope of music. With themes of the tension created from being away from home and with a foundation centered around the importance of all of life’s experiences, Garden Window will definitely be a great a way to start off the evening.

So, what are you doing still here? You should be here purchasing tickets.

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