Preview: The Fagettes with Carnivores, Mood Rings, and Hands and Knees @ Great Scott 9.18.11

by Kyle Risley, published September 13th 2011

After trekking around the west coast in a Vietnam War-era military truck affectionately dubbed “deuce and a half,” The Fagettes have brought their free spirited garage rock fuzz back to their hometown for a night at Great Scott.   Supporting their new tape, Vol. 2, The Fagettes will be appearing with Carnivores, Mood Rings, and Hands and Knees in a night that promises old fashioned, sweaty rock ‘n roll.

The Fagettes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 tapes have solidified the group as a key driver in the garage rock revitilization, using guy/girl harmonies, infectious energy, and gritty lo-fi production to win over the most discerning rock listener.  Crackles and hisses line their heart-on-sleeve lyrics about love and love lost as steady percussion and roaring guitars burst out of the track.  Equally indebted to garage and surf, The Fagettes balance delicious melody with a keen understanding of feedback to deliver pop gems that refuse to tire.

Carnivores will be bringing the ruckus all the way from Atlanta.  Wielding a downright scummy mix of grating noise and psychedelic garage, their tunes take no prisoners but also know when to hold back and get a little trippy.  Heaps of echoing vocals and keyboard trickery twist around jagged punk riffing when you least expect it, like flying through a record store and hearing a bit of each song as the aisles pass.  Shared vocal duties provide shrieks, lackadaisical drawls, and a sprinkling of everything in between.

Mood Rings (another product of Hotlanta) start off with simple, old-timey rock riffs then stretch them out with syrupy dreampop reverb.  Perfect for lazy Sundays, long drives to the diner, and swimming naked in the moonlight.  The vocals are hazy and ambiguous, like they aren’t sure if they’re scorned or hopeful.  Maybe they’re both, but they’re sweet to the core.

Local buzz magnet Hands and Knees will be supporting their full length record Wholesome and testing out a few new tracks as well.  Ranging from the hand clap laden pop-rock of “Sitting at the Piano Disappearing” to the sing-along indie folk of “The Moonlight is Wicked,” Hands and Knees write with a fearless enthusiasm that becomes apparent as Wholesome continues to spin.

18+ | 9pm | $8 | Links and MP3s available at Sippy Cup Everything



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