Preview: Pretty & Nice @ Great Scott 11.19.11

by Kyle Risley, published November 13th 2011

On November 19, a sampling of some of Boston’s best rock talent will be descending upon Great Scott for a spirited night of infectious grooves, lo-fi gems and pop pleasure.

Boston-based The Clippers will be opening the night with their patented blink-and-you’ll-miss-it take on pop rock.  This duo brings angular guitar stabs punctuated by unexpected time signature change ups and a killer set of pipes that alternate between sullen and soaring.   Fans of Alkaline Trio and sing-a-longs, take notice.

Earthquake Party!, winners of The Phoenix’s “Best Massachusetts Band of 2011″ award, will be playing a no frills rock ‘n roll set wrapped in lo-fi fuzz and topped off with cutesy girl/guy vocal duties.  A tight, meaty rhythm section acts as a counterweight to the saccharine vocal melodies, best seen on “Pretty Little Hand,” and ode “pills and candy.”  They’ll be self-releasing their three song vs. Pizza EP on cassette the night of the show (the inevitable reaction to vinyl moving into vogue), which clocks in at an ADHD approved 5:01.  While the format may be inconvenient, it’s pretty much a summary of everything that’s good about the lo-fi revival right now.

My guess is that direct support act MiniBoone will arrive late from Brooklyn, burst through the front door with their respective instruments hoisted above their heads, toss their equipment onto the stage, and make sweet, noisy love with everyone in the room.  At least, that’s pretty much what happens when I play their music in my apartment.   In support of their new EP, On MiniBoone Mountain, MiniBoone bring smart-ass, wordy songs to life with frantic guitar noodling and jagged rhythms.  For a bold, full-flavored take on alternative rock music, look no further.

 Pretty & Nice, pushers of crispy pop-rock nuggets, will be headlining the evening of tomfoolery.  Every bit as poppy as they are inventive, Pretty & Nice bring focused songwriting with smirking bass lines and funky keyboard workouts. They’re preparing to release their follow up to their 2008 Sub Pop/Hardly Art debut, Get Young, a messy (usually in a good way) blast of challenging pop-rock.  Hopefully they’ll offer up a few thick slices off of their forthcoming 2012 full length effort!

Great Scott, Allston, MA ,$9, 21+, RSVP on Facebook

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