Preview: Phantogram @ Royale 11.19.11

by Suzie Conway (Communications), published November 11th 2011

In art, a phantogram is an optical illusion. The same could arguably be said for Phantogram the band. A huge, yet ethereal and dreamy sound booms from just two people, the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter.  You can hear this for yourself when Phantogram performs at Royale on November 19th.

Phantogram is an electronic, rock band that uses as many beeps and boops as they do crinkly, fuzzed out bass lines. What sets them apart is their ability to change up their style and technique so flawlessly. The simple, steady crescendo of “Running from the Cops” is almost the antithesis of their boisterous single “When I’m Small.” Equal parts sexy and soothing, Phantogram could easily accompany you on a night on the town or snuggled in a blanket sipping a cup of tea.

So whether you rock out or veg out to the sounds of Phantogram, you won’t want to miss them when they hit Boston.

Purchase tickets for their Royale show here.


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