Preview: Flying Lotus @ Royale 9.9.11

by Kyle Risley (Marketing), published August 19th 2011

GHouse and Bowery Boston have teamed up to assemble a line up of invigorating electronic artists just in time for the start of classes.  Be warned: this is not your grandmother’s electronic music.  It isn’t even your older brother’s.  No, these sounds belong to your unborn child, existing in the future and channeled through future forward artists.  Flying Lotus (Warp), Sonnymoon (Plug Research) and Time Wharp will be descending upon Royale on September 9th to twist syrupy bass lines, disjointed jazz licks, fluttering bleeps & bloops and mangled hip-hop beats into a sound that needs to be heard to be understood.

Hailing from Atlanta, Time Wharp makes frantic, left-field experiments with crackling drum loops and synthesizers that move from pummeling (“Cuspcake”) to restrained (“The Dungeon”).  Elements of jazz sensibilities and structure are still present, but are seen through the lens of electronica and muted hip-hop.  The sound can feel cluttered at times, but the strengths ultimately outweigh the missteps.   Flying Lotus is certainly an inspiration, though it will be interesting to see how the Atlanta scene continues to shape this young producer.

Sonnymoon will be playing their last show in Boston before heading out west to lay down new roots.  Newly signed to Flying Lotus’s first label, Plug Research, this (formerly) Brooklyn based group blend lead singer Anna Wise’s captivating croon with sputtering beats and streams of liquid soul.   The good news: she can really sing.  Just check out “Golden Age.”

Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, is a man who needs no introduction. Taking cues from other jazz influenced hip-hop prodcuers, such as Madlib, Flying Lotus burst onto the playing field with his debut full length, 1983, which proved to be just as creative as it was dizzying.  More of a bedroom listening experience than a club friendly sound, 1983‘s success built considerable anticipation for his Warp Records debut, Los Angeles.  Sludgy bass, oscillating squiggles and a steady hip-hop pulse with sudden flips into jazz territory characterized the album, a formula which got even weirder on the follow up, Cosmogramma.  String swells, drum n’ bass blasts, lightning fast bass lines, IDM detours, and soulful vocal samples created a dense record that seemed fresh while still being uniquely “Flylo.”  As a producer that utilizes a handful of influences at once but manages to sound like nothing but himself, his stop in Boston is surely a treat.  Come with an open mind and enjoy!

Flying Lotus, Sonnymoon, and Time Wharp will be performing at Royale on September 9th, 2011 at 6pm.  RSVP here for ticket information.

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