New York Songstress Lana Del Rey Releases New E.P.

by Mackenzie Nichols, published October 25th 2011

With the leak of Lana Del Rey’s single “Video Games”, along with others this past August, the 4 song EP released on October 16th seems like somewhat of a let down. The EP features two remixes of the single along with another single, “Blue Jeans” . Disappointed with the lack of new, “un-leaked” material on the EP, I along with other fans are anxious to see what’s coming in the future from the sultry songstress. Lana Del Rey is the stage name of singer/songwriter Lizzy Grant and the attention that she has already received from various music blogs and YouTube videos has been overwhelming. With the recent addition to UK’s Top 10 singles, it is clear that this gutsy performer is destined for fame. 

When I first came across Lizzy Grant in Pitchfork’s “Best New Track” section for video games on August 3rd, I was immediately drawn to her unique, sultry voice resembling female legends Amy Winehouse and Nancy Sinatra. The videos for her singles feature low-fi, simple cinematography that is unique in comparison to some of today’s popular videos, showing that Grant focuses on simplicity as something beautiful and different in our world of frivolous music videos from various artists on the Top 10 list.

Grant’s approach to music as an emotional outlet is probably what draws so many listeners, as the majority of her songs contain themes about love, heartbreak, and revenge. Her recent popularity has sparked several remixes and covers featured on YouTube as well as a few shows around the country. Although her recent live performances featured on YouTube have not been as breathtaking as her studio singles, it will be intriguing to see what she does with her growing fame as a upcoming leading lady in the music world.

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