Music News Wrap-Up

by Melanie Bertoldi (Journalism/Italian), published November 2nd 2011

Let’s take some time to reflect on a few music industry developments that have been announced in the news.

First, what’s up with the recent FBI report that claims a correlation among gang recruitment, unlawful activity and rap groups? According to, the report states that, “gangster rap gangs, often comprised of juveniles, are forming and are being used to launder drug money through seemingly legitimate businesses.”

What I want to know is how legit these so-called “rap gangs” are.Are we talking Young Money status or more like neighborhood-boys-who-call-themselves-rappers-but-never-actually-spit-anything – at all? Strategic ambiguity on the part of the Feds for this report, eh?

In other news, Island Records will release “Lioness,” the third “album” from the late great Amy Winehouse in December, according to the Associated Press.  I use quotations around album because one wonders if the release was any intent on Winehouse’s part before her sudden passing. Does this sound like a potential cash-in of “This is It”- sized proportions to anyone?

Speaking of MJ, one final news tidbit that I find thought provoking enough to share with you involves the trial of the world’s most trusted doctor, Conrad Murray. Supposedly Murray is considering testifying in his own defense, to which I ask: what ever happened to pleading the fifth?

I don’t care how crappy the outcome of this case is looking for Murray (public opinion on the matter considered); there is no way that getting on the stand to try to make himself look like less of a liar (he fudged timelines in his police statement and was proven to have lied thanks to cell phone records) is going to help damage control.

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