Gull: One Man Bands Aren’t for the Birds

by Jordan Munson (Music Industry), published October 28th 2010

photos by Michael Otley (

Typically reserved for cartoons and nerd characters, the one man band is somewhat like the unicorn in a musical sense; there are plenty of horses that might try to be unicorns, but in the end, they’re just pretending.  Ladies and gentleman, I have found your unicorn.  His name is Nathaniel Rappole, otherwise known as Gull, and he’s based out of Richmond, Virginia.  His other projects include drumming for Snack Truck and shredding guitars for Ultra Dolphins.  Contrary to what you may think, Gull’s one man operation is not really shtick, it’s just a guy playing straight jams all by his lonesome.  A guitar, a drum kit, and a mask with a microphone in it – the makings of a one man beat machine.

Gull is the sort of person that proves that even if your music isn’t technically proficient wankery, or features really catchy hooks – it can still blow your mind.  Watching Gull perform is like watching a mad scientist at work.  Flailing his wild mane, hunching over, totally oblivious to his surroundings as the crowd stands in awe of what is happening before them.  No effects, no trickery, just a showcase of pure unadulterated talent.

Here, enjoy this really great clip of Gull rocking some innocent bystanders faces’ off:

You can find more about Gull from his MySpace and you can order his sweet 7′€ from the Molsook Records Webstore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m honored you selected one of my photos to use, but you didn’t actually post one…?

  2. I’m honored you selected one of my photos to use, but you didn’t actually post one…?