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New Video from Manni Festo: “One Rhyme”

Northeastern student and hip-hop artist Manni Festo launched a new video earlier this semester that takes viewers behind the scenes in the recording of his new song, “One Rhyme.” Manni wrote the song in August, recorded it in September, and recently explained to Tastemakers how he was inspired to write the song: “I took a walk and just kept thinking of rhyming lines and phrases. I had been listening to… continue reading

Local Photos: Blood Red Shoes @ Great Scott 5.13.14

Check out these great shots by Kit Castagne (Economics Major) of Blood Red Shoes – an alt-rock duo from Brighton, England that livened up the Great Scott back in May; be sure to try and catch them next time they’re in the states!  


Seeing Double: Paul Trillo’s Beautiful New Music Video

  With the resurgence of analog film, the art of double exposure is creeping back into mainstream exhibits and art projects around the world; for evidence, one has to look no farther than the works of contemporary photographers Andre de Freitas, Dan Mountford, Tamara Lichtenstein or Fontas Nicloas. (All of which are spectacular by the way—definitely recommend checking them out.) For those unfamiliar, the technique itself is quite simple: simply… continue reading

Mar 04 2013

Preview: The Postelles @ Brighton Music Hall 3.4.13

With the rise of synthesized, computerized music, a band that writes good, guitar-driven melodies is rare. The Postelles use their vintage style to create infectious and catchy 60s-inspired rock and roll. The quartet will bring their well-regarded live show to Brighton Music Hall with the Arkells and The Ambassadors tonight, and it will be a welcome performance for those who miss the days when songs weren’t cloaked in layers. With… continue reading

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Mixtape: Color Spectrum

These relationships are synesthete approved. Really though. I sat down with a sound to color synesthete and hammered out this playlist from red to silver. Enjoy.

Aug 01 2012

Today In Music History: August 1, 1981

August 1, 1981, 12:01 a.m – Music Television launches with the words, “Ladies and gentleman, rock and roll.” At the outset, MTV was only available to a few thousand viewers on a cable network in northern New Jersey. Its initial premise was simple: play music videos 24/7/365. Since today’s MTV programming mostly alternates between terrible reality television and slightly less terrible scripted shows (ahem, Teen Wolf), take a trip down memory lane… continue reading

Jun 20 2012

Preview: River’s Edge Music Festival

Summer used to mean outdoor games and camping in a park; now, summer means outdoor music and camping at festivals.  Essentially, summer hasn’t changed much, but instead of playing capture the flag with friends, you’re playing music with friends; instead of comfortably camping for fun, you’re uncomfortably camping at a festival…or maybe you aren’t. Either way, music festivals are a staple of the summer months– and today marks the official… continue reading

Jun 18 2012

Preview: The Governor’s Ball Music Festival

A beautiful Manhattan location, an eclectic line-up and enough specialty food to whet anyone’s appetite await ticketholders to the June 23 & 24 Governor’s Ball. This is the second year the festival is taking place (though it’s changed locations to Randall’s Island), and just like last year, it features top names in indie pop, rock and dance/electronica. This year’s show will feature a welcome return of artists who have been… continue reading

Feb 01 2012

Music and Politics

Newt Gingrich – he may be the underdog, but he damn sure isn’t Rocky Balboa. For that reason, Frankie Sullivan, guitarist of Survivor — a band that broke onto the scene and disappeared simultaneously with Rocky III — is suing Newt Gingrich for using their song, “Eye of the Tiger.” He claims there’s no political motive, only an artist’s attempt to protect copyright…or get people interested in a non-Probst related… continue reading

Dec 06 2011

“Sunny Came Home” – The Ultimate Pandora Station

I’m not the biggest fan of Pandora. Usually, I like to have more control over what comes out of my speakers than Pandora can give me. I’ll start listening to Death Cab For Cutie Radio and a song by Pearl Jam will come on; it just kind of throws off my flow. However, I found one Pandora station that almost never disappoints. “Sunny Came Home” was a one-hit wonder, in… continue reading

Nov 30 2011

Parlez-vous français?

I just learned a very exciting word. The word isn’t particularly exciting in and of itself, but the fact it exists is. The word is “frisson,” and in French it means “a sudden passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion.” It’s basically the inexplicable feeling you get while listening to a particularly moving piece of music- you know, when you just feel like crying because all of the sudden you… continue reading