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A Q&A with Lee Fields of Lee Fields and the Expressions

Lee Fields is the epitome of a career musician. In 1969, he left North Carolina for New York with $20 dollars in his pocket and the rest is history. Over the past four decades he has collaborated across many genres and persisted in the category of soul music. In 2009, he hooked up with The Expressions and Brooklyn-based Truth and Soul Records released their debut, My World. Today, as the… continue reading

Alex Rivas Q&A

Q&A with Tour Manager Alex Rivas

Santana. Alanis Morissette. Ms. Lauryn Hill. In the span of her still-young career, Los Angeles-based tour manager Alex Rivas has already worked with a smattering of renowned artists. In an interview with Tastemakers Magazine, Rivas offered career advice for aspiring music industry professionals, described the challenges of her own position and explained the value of “road family.” Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): What are your day-to-day responsibilities? Alex Rivas (AR): Day to… continue reading


Local Photos: The Academy Is… @ House of Blues 12.13.15

Reunited pop-punk favorites The Academy Is… hit the road in December for a tour in honor of the tenth anniversary of their debut LP Almost Here, and Tastemakers photographer Nola Chen was on hand to capture the scene.


Show Review: Ratatat @ House of Blues 1.13.16

It’s fucking cold in January in Boston. It’s also a slow month for businesses that rely on foot traffic, like bars, retail and music venues. However, the House of Blues was a full house (of blues) for Ratatat, the electronic rock duo famous for their grooving hip-hop rock and tangy guitar riffs and melodies. Under jackets and various other outerwear, fans wore tanks, headbands and tie-dye. Kicking things off was… continue reading


Show Review: METZ and Bully @ The Sinclair 1.9.16

  I really hate the month of January, and I think we ought to be thankful for each and every touring band that spends it on the road. While most of us are trudging back to our dull daily commitments in a grey and dead-eyed post-holiday haze, these folks are taking on the burden of the touring schedule less traveled. They brighten what is inarguably the worst month of the… continue reading


Local Photos: Johnnyswim @ Royale 12.12.15

Nashville-based folk/blues/soul duo Johnnyswim, consisting of singer/songwriters Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, played Boston’s Royale back in December. Photographer Shannon Pires captured some impressions of the evening.


Show Review: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness @ House of Blues 11.18.15

The Wilderness Politics tour was a night where the crowd couldn’t stop dancing because the music wouldn’t let them. Soul-pop singer Lolo played first. Despite her good stage presence, the set wasn’t memorable aside from a decent cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo.” Australian band The Griswolds did much better hyping up the crowd. Their set was high-energy from the beginning, featuring songs from their 2014 album /Be Impressive/ like “16 Years”… continue reading

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The Top Albums of 2015

10. Grimes - Art Angels To say that Art Angels was eagerly awaited would be an understatement. It had been almost four years since Boucher’s breakthrough album Visions. In the meantime, she nearly had a complete mental and physical breakdown while touring, started making a concerted effort to “eat every day, and eat enough food, and sleep at night,” considered ending solo work after experiencing sexism in the music industry, released… continue reading


Local Photos: Good Old War @ Brighton Music Hall 12.15.15

Pennsylvania’s Good Old War played a special holiday show, complete with decorations, at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall last week. Tastemakers photographer McKenna Shuster was there to document.