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Snoop Dogg – Neva Left

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On cusp of this decade, millennial and new-school rappers are constantly shaping and re-shaping the characteristics of rap music – from lyricism, to delivery, to even production. As we observe this ongoing change, the probing question becomes: where does this leave the older rappers? Snoop Dogg, one of the most beloved and revered old-school emcees, takes a clear note of this anxiety, yet calmly reassures in his fifteenth studio effort… continue reading


The Mountain Goats – Goths

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Nothing brings the best out of John Darnielle like a concept album. The auteur behind The Mountain Goats often puts as much care into establishing and investigating themes in his records as he does in his acclaimed novels. While his albums could once be neatly classified as either fiction or autobiography, recently Darnielle has taken to mixing the two, combining vividly rendered vignettes with personal reflections on everything from Bible… continue reading


Local Photos: Boston Calling 2017

This year, for the first time, Boston Calling Music Festival was held at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA. Tastemaker David McDevitt was there to capture moments from a wide variety of sets throughout the weekend-long event. Check out his photos below!  


Five Acts that Surprised Us at Boston Calling 2017

Boston Calling’s first year away from its former home confined in the shadows of City Hall has officially come to a close. New venue growing pains aside, Boston Calling maintained the reputation it has earned as one of the most lucrative small festivals in the country, upgrading itself to three full days of diverse yet cohesively arranged musicians from punk rock to electronica through both the early sets and the headliners…. continue reading

Will Toledo at Tastemakers Presents

A Q&A with Car Seat Headrest

In the last year, Seattle indie rockers Car Seat Headrest have been on the upswing. After the 2016 release of Teens of Denial, the band has drawn sold out crowds and appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – it’s easy to forget that Car Seat began as the lo-fi solo project of vocalist Will Toledo. Tonight, they’ll be playing a set at Boston Calling. Following an electric headlining… continue reading


One More Time Around: A 21-Song Salute to Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, the Seattle-based singer for Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, died late Wednesday, May 17, at the too-young age of 52. Cornell was a bona fide rock star, the kind whose passing merits national headlines, and we’re probably not getting a new one like him any time soon. The alternative explosion of the 1990s spawned a plethora of brilliant, fascinating lead singers, but none of them could… continue reading

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Pinegrove @ The Sinclair 4.26.17

I have never joined a cult. Fervor I can do, but zeal? Not for me. I think I can say with certainty, though, that after last Wednesday night’s Pinegrove show at The Sinclair, I would be open to a cult that pledged itself to their music; not in a “murder-y Kool-Aid” way, just a group of people who really like their songs. Maybe “fan club” is the phrase I’m looking… continue reading


NEW WOW – New Man

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Catchy. Not a word I use often, but it describes NEW WOW’s debut mixtape perfectly. I’ve had every single track stuck in my head at some point today, and that’s including the spoken interlude. Get your deliberately contrasting patterns on and pump this hyper-modern 2017 indie-pop mixtape into your ears. NEW WOW is comprised of producer Murray Sandmeyer and vocalist Pam Stravitz, both current Northeastern students. New Man features verses… continue reading

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Foxygen @ Paradise Rock Club 3.25.17

It’s Saturday at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, and I don’t feel quite like I’m dreaming, which, believe it or not, is what I had previously been expecting. It’s far too lucid a dissociation. I do feel like someone else might be dreaming – someone I love and trust yet somehow don’t know very well – and I am in it. Sam France, androgynous frontman of Foxygen and three-way… continue reading


Busty and The Bass @ Brighton Music Hall 2.11.17

Nick Ferraro of Busty and the Bass addresses a buzzing, sold-out crowd at Brighton Music Hall on February 11th: “Last time we played here, there were, like, fifty people.” Fifty people is closer to what I’d expected when we wandered in towards the end of Mo Lowda and the Humble’s set. Vocalist Jordan Caiola looks like a frat boy, but sings like Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon. The comparison… continue reading


A Q&A with Evan Stephens Hall of Pinegrove

Indie-rock, alt-country, whatever you want to classify them as — Pinegrove is everything and more. The band originated in Montclair, New Jersey in 2010, and signed on to Run for Cover Records in Allston in 2015. Pinegrove has been touring constantly over the last few years, and their 2016 album Cardinal was among the Tastemakers favorites (we loved it so much we had to put it in our Top Albums… continue reading