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A Q&A with Sunflower Bean

The rise of Sunflower Bean has been a meteoric one, even by buzz band standards. Singer/bassist Julia Cumming, singer/guitarist Nick Kivlen and drummer Jacob Faber formed the band in 2013 while still teenagers, and over the next three years of near-constant gigging they honed their fresh take on classic psych-rock and dream-pop influences. All the goodwill they’d accumulated paid off last year, with their debut album Human Ceremony justifying the… continue reading


A Q&A with Lithic

In issue 47, we reviewed a local house show with the Berklee based band Lithic. After the show, Tastemakers sat down with bandmates Stone Panunzio, Jack Dinger, Marvin Buessau and Juan Peña to discuss the show, the band and what the future holds. Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): Lithic; you guys are coming from Berklee School of music; you have a very unique and diverse sound. What’s the backstory   here? How… continue reading


Show Review: Sad13 @ Middle East Upstairs 12.14.16

To conclude their first ever tour, Sad13 (the solo project of Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis) played Upstairs at the Middle East, which Sadie pointed out happened to be the same stage Speedy Ortiz played on their first headlining gig in Boston. Kicking off the show was a solo set from Told Slant who joined the tour for its final five days. Typically behind the drums, Felix Walworth instead played guitar,… continue reading

Show Review: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band @ Royale 12.10.16

Certain albums are made for summer: fun, carefree, relaxing. Others provide a fitting companion to the changing of the leaves and your crumbling motivation as the fall semester gains momentum. Kevin Devine’s latest tour package, anchored by Pinegrove, Petal and Julien Baker, provides the perfect soundtrack to a cozy winter night in, and when the tour hit Royale this December in the middle of a sub-zero wind chill weekend, the… continue reading


The Top Albums of 2016

10. A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service If the rule is that rap is a young man’s game, A Tribe Called Quest is the exception. Dropping eighteen years after The Love Movement, Tribe’s secret album We Got it From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service rounds up a slew of current heavy hitters, including Kanye and Andre 3000, and effortlessly assimilates them… continue reading


Genre of the Week: Plunderphonics

The music scene has always been full of tiny artistic pockets. All it takes is a small group of likeminded artists, a splash of good luck, and willing fans, and before you know it a Scene has evolved. This is where we get gems like vaporwave, witch house, and lots of other genres that probably seemed very cool at the time. This week, we’re featuring… Plunderphonics Key artists: The Avalanches,… continue reading

Sad13 at Boston Hassle Fest

A Q&A with Boston Hassle Co-Founder Sam Potrykus

Sad13 performing at this year’s Hassle Fest, photo taken by Ben Stas. Comprised entirely of volunteers, the Boston Hassle aims to foster the local independent art, music, and film community through its events. Just last month was their eighth annual Hassle Fest, an all-ages all-inclusive DIY music festival. Tastemakers caught up with Hassle co-founder Sam Potrykus to hear his insight on how to organize a fest, the evolution of the… continue reading


Vulfpeck’s The Beautiful Game: A New Era of Funk

In 2011, four University of Michigan students Jack Stratton, Woody Goss, Joe Dart, and Theo Katzman first met providing backing music for a mutual friend. The four discovered they made quite the jam band, and started creating grooves in their spare time. Stratton conceived the idea of creating a faux German funk group inspired by the studio musicians of the 60’s and 70’s, and thus, Vulfpeck was born. Relying solely… continue reading