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Babymetal @ The Wiltern 7.15.16

by Jonas Polin (Cultural Anthropology/Theater) BABYMETAL has been on a tear recently. They appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, their most recent album METAL RESISTANCE reached higher on the Billboard Chart than any other Japanese album in fifty years, and they’ve been selling out massive venues around the world, including the 12,500-capacity Wembley Arena in London and two shows at the 55,000-capacity Tokyo Dome. How could a band… continue reading


Show Review: Deftones @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 8.9.16

Deftones and Refused, two very different but equally heavy and innovative bands, brought the thunder to Boston on their recent tour. Spotlights opened with a mix of slow, doomy metal and blurry guitar which they have dubbed “sludge-gaze.” The music’s glacial pace and droning distortion produced a surprisingly soporific effect despite its loud volume. They’re an almost too fitting choice to open this tour- guitarist Mario Quintero’s playing is textually… continue reading

Pearl Jam

Show Review: Pearl Jam @ Fenway Park 8.5.16

Pearl Jam are generally considered one of the best live bands around, and on the first night of their two-night Fenway Park stint, they proved that they’ve earned that distinction with a three-hour, 32-song extravaganza. Playing for three hours without exhausting the audience requires good pacing, a skill which Pearl Jam has mastered. They started slow, opening with the majestic “Release” and following it with four more downtempo numbers, with… continue reading


Show Review: James Taylor @ Fenway Park 8.3.16

Had James Taylor and Jackson Browne toured together in the 1970s, it might have been the hottest ticket of the year. If the packed, enthusiastic Fenway Park crowd was any indication, however, the opportunity to see these totemic singer/songwriters is just as precious in 2016 as it would have been in 1976. His voice sounding mercifully untouched by age and his well-heeled backing band making sure every note landed just… continue reading


The Avalanches – Wildflower

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                    Although The Avalanches have waited over 15 years to release a new record, their new material attempts to rewind the clock.  On their first album Since I Left You, a landmark release in sample-based music, the group gave the effect of twisting the radio dial on various stations from the 60s and 70s and creating chopped grooves from the music… continue reading


Jeremih – Late Nights: Europe

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Following his trend of starting all recent record names with “Late Nights,” Jeremih dropped DatPiff exclusive Late Nights: Europe on an unsuspecting,  unsensual Wednesday night. After touring Europe for the last 30 days, Jeremih posted the mixtape as “not only a gift to myself, but to my fans,” as if he couldn’t get more charming. Fourth-quarter 2015 Late Nights: The Album has thrusted past it’s expected end-of-the-year neglect, with songs… continue reading


Show Review: Rhye @ Paradise Rock Club 7.31.16

Of all the members of this decade’s nebulous indie-R&B movement, Rhye hews most closely to the sound and style of the genre’s forebears. The duo’s 2013 album Woman is a musical expression of romantic love, passionate yet tastefully restrained, with no avant-garde production or dark subject matter to dilute their suave sensuality. Music this intimate isn’t always conducive to a memorable concert experience, so Rhye were wise to bring a… continue reading


Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial

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                    Car Seat Headrest’s name is rooted in the story of front man Will Toledo’s makeshift vocal booth in his car during the embryonic years of his music career. Without access to a proper recording studio, Toledo preferred the cramped isolation of an automobile for capturing his introspective lyrics to his bedroom, which was well within audible range of his parents… continue reading


Show Review: Silversun Pickups @ House of Blues 7.21.16

For the past decade, Silversun Pickups have written well-crafted modern rock radio hits with obvious stylistic debts to shoegaze and ‘90s alternative. They don’t seem concerned with their music’s lack of experimentation or innovation, and because of this they will never be hip or critically adored. Which is a shame, because at their best Silversun Pickups can hit listeners in their pleasure centers more consistently than any of their alt-rock… continue reading

Jane's Addiction Press Photo

Show Review: Jane’s Addiction @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 7.19.16

With their recent concert at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Jane’s Addiction intended to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their best album, Ritual de lo Habitual, as well as the first Lollapalooza festival, which singer Perry Farrell co-founded. Instead, the openers upstaged the headliners, who marred their performance with an ill-advised stage show. Living Colour packed more high-energy thrills into their 40-minute opening set than most acts can manage in triple… continue reading


Modern Baseball @ The Fillmore (San Francisco) 6.5.16

Philadelphia-based band Modern Baseball sold out The Fillmore in San Francisco, a major step up from years past. The band’s popularity has seen a considerable upward trend as they went from being a staple opener to a headliner that could hold their own. Thin Lips were the first on the admittedly short lineup, and rocked the solid breakup anthem “Breaking Up and Breaking Down” from their album Riff Hard (which,… continue reading