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The Overachiever’s Guide to Coachella 2014

Just because you and I don’t have Coachella tickets doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the fun “I know this obscure up and coming band, and am therefore cooler than you” game. Want to be that pretentious music festival know-it-all, without ever leaving the comforting glow of your computer screen? Here are 13 acts to know, and later pretend you had already heard of.   GOAT: This Swedish alt-rock experimental… continue reading

Tastemakers Sessions with Dinoczar

In the second installment of Tastemakers Sessions, Dinoczar pulled through Digital Media Commons before their show with No Age at Tastemakers Presents and played “In My Head,” “Heavy Hand,” “Three Ducks & A Goose,” “Ghouls,” and “Phonic Disaster.” And yes, we did get a noise complaint. Stay on look out for the third edition of Tastemakers Sessions with Funeral Advantage on April 18!


Q&A with Mike Davenport of The Ataris

Any ‘00s pop punk music lover can agree that The Ataris’ 2003 album So Long, Astoria is among the first named when discussing the genre’s groundbreaking albums. When the opportunity arose to bring the album back to its fans after a decade, bassist Mike Davenport along with the rest of the album’s lineup decided to pause their lives and tour the album across the country. With the help of agent… continue reading


Tastemakers Sessions with Anjimile

Singer-songwriter Anjimile stopped by to play a few songs for Tastemakers in the new Digital Media Commons–not too shabby a performance if you ask us! Check out the first installment of Tastemakers Sessions with Anjimile performing “Baker,” “Rats,” “Warm Hearts,” “Ipswich” and “The Arboretum.” Be sure to check in next week for the next Tastemakers Session with Dinoczar!


The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

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The War on Drugs’ breakout album, 2011’s Slave Ambient, kicked off with a track called “Best Night.” That song, amid bubbly synths and dreamy guitar, detailed the headspace a person deeply down on his luck and “cursed” – as far from the titular “best night” as possible. On their fantastic new album Lost in the Dream things haven’t changed much for the better, but the hardships are closer to home…. continue reading

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Day After St. Patrick’s Day Mixtape: Irish Music You Might Listen To The Other 364 Days Of The Year

Now that you’ve all had your fill of Diplo Riverdance mash-ups and Finish The Keg Before “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya” Is Over!!!! foolery, don’t think that you’ve somehow done your due diligence and don’t have to look at the color green or hear a fiddle until next March. Here is a selection of Irish music new and old that might elongate your attention span for the culture you brutally… continue reading


Real Estate – Atlas

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Three years after the release of their 2011 album Days, Real Estate returned to the scene with mixed emotions, wondering how fans would receive their shift in style. But to be honest, not too much has really changed from Days to Atlas, the band’s third studio album. They’re more in-sync than ever, still building on their trademark clean chords, obscure lyrics and repetitious, airy riffs that run seamlessly from one… continue reading

Show Review: Broken Bells @ House of Blues 3.5.14

  Broken Bells arrived on stage like a vision of the future. Surrounded by galactic imagery and assorted glowing orbs, James Mercer and Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, ascended toward two white, half-moon keyboards, podiums from which they prepared to transmit their space rock prophecy. And the sold-out crowd at House of Blues welcomed them like oracles. There is a definite sense of that the duo could be… continue reading


Rick Ross – Mastermind

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MC Hammer. Larry Hoover. Even Rick Ross is just another name that Miami rapper William Leonard Roberts uses to affirm his supposedly gangster status. The motive behind his use of these aliases isn’t hard to piece together, because it’s the one motive that ties every Rick Ross album – hell, every Rick Ross song – together: rapper Rick Ross is a boss and a rich one at that. It’s a… continue reading

sea wolf

Show review: Sea Wolf (solo) @ Brighton Music Hall 2.16.14

Alex Brown Church showed up at Brighton Music Hall with nothing but the clothes on his back and an acoustic guitar. Absent his usual rotating group of musicians, Church set out on the road solo this winter, taking advantage of the chance to tell stories alone through song with clarity and precision. Weaving through tales of romance, gypsies and murky coasts, Church took the crowd in Brighton out of the… continue reading