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Show Review: Father John Misty @ Paradise Rock Club 3.31.15

When Josh Tillman walks onto the stage, girls go crazy. It’s a strange phenomenon that doesn’t happen often in the world of psychedelic folk rock–sex symbols and their adoring fans seem reserved for black and white film reel footage of The Beatles at Shea Stadium or One Direction’s arena shows. Tillman’s admirers, however, aren’t your typical fan girls: they’re a more timid breed, stepping back to give him some room… continue reading

Show Review: Bleachers @ the House of Blues (4.7.15)

“This is the second-to-last night on a two-month tour, and we’re going to leave everything on the stage tonight!” Jack Antonoff yelled to a sold out House of Blues on April 7th. Antonoff is no stranger to Boston, having toured with Bleachers, Fun. and Steel Train many times, and the 2,500 fans present, both old and new, were sure to give a warm welcome back. Cameras were all around, filming… continue reading


Big Data – 2.0

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    No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that’s actually the album cover for 2.0, the debut album from Brooklyn-based electronic music project Big Data, helmed by American producer Alan Wilkis. So quit worrying, the file isn’t lost and your computer doesn’t have a virus. In all seriousness, as debut electronic albums go it’s rare to find one that sounds like it was made by so experienced a producer and… continue reading

just kids

Mat Kearney – Just Friends

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  The past several years have seen Mat Kearney’s music evolve from his initial intimate coffee shop acoustic sound into a more pop-based sound laced with hints of hip hop. But despite this, he has maintained the same genuine lyrics and ear-catching hooks that draws listeners in, and continues to do so with the release of his fifth full-length album in late February Just Kids. Featuring several catchy, summery songs… continue reading


Local Photos: Steve Aoki @ House of Blues 3.17.15

EDM luminary Steve Aoki brought his energetic live show to Boston’s House of Blues on March 17th. Photographer Sebastian Herforth was on hand to document the occasion.


Local Photos: Tastemakers Presents Speedy Ortiz and Anjimile @ afterhours 3.21.15

Boston’s own Speedy Ortiz and Anjimile delivered killer sets and previewed their forthcoming new records (Foil Deer and Human Nature, respectively) for the Spring edition of Tastemakers Presents.

Horse Comanche

Chadwick Stokes – The Horse Comanche

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  It’s easy to dismiss a musician’s stab at a solo career when it follows a successful run in a better-known act. Many artists’ solo projects, or second and third projects in general, go unnoticed, and often new endeavors become flops that are not worth a second listen. But others represent a new stage of musical brilliance. Sometimes, with experience gained from performing for decades, and the freedom of working… continue reading

Show Review: the Dodos @ Brighton Music Hall (3.1.15)

Following the January release of their sixth album, Individ, The Dodos came to Brighton Music Hall on another unsurprisingly snowy Sunday night in Boston. Seamlessly weaving together their latest tracks with discography staples, the duo crafted a set that bounced from the anticipated acoustic pieces to heavier ones in which singer/guitarist Meric Long dared to keep up with drummer Logan Kroeber’s fast-paced rhythms. Brighton Music Hall, with its intimate, casual… continue reading

Show Review: The Lone Bellow @ the Paradise Rock Club (2.12.15)

Fans of The Lone Bellow were far from enthusiastic to have to wait outside in the cold for The Paradise’s doors to open on the brutally cold night of February 12th, but the group still managed to sell out the show in a matter of days when tickets were released back in October. The self-described “Brooklyn country music” trio, made up of lead singer and guitarist Zachary Williams, mandolin player and vocalist, Kenene… continue reading