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Show Review: Into It. Over It. @ Royale 4.21.16

Trying to find a think piece on the emo revival that doesn’t refer to Evan Weiss as an “elder statesman” is decidedly difficult. You would think there are more original ways to discuss Weiss’ influence on reflective guitar music than lumping him in as the Grand Poobah of a bunch of bands that sound nothing alike. So of course, despite my protests, I found myself spending a night at the… continue reading


Show Review: Deerhunter @ The Sinclair 5.11.16

Before I became the sort of person who goes to shows alone several nights a week, I opted out of them if I didn’t have a companion. Like a normal person. But friends frequently bail on concerts, particularly when you’re in high school and you’re trying to drag someone who doesn’t listen to Deerhunter to go see Deerhunter. As such, the Atlanta noise-pop-punk-gaze band’s Boston show supporting the exceptional Halcyon… continue reading


Show Review: Thao & the Get Down Stay Down @ Sinclair 4.12.16

Given the mass exhalation of a Boston in pre-finals purgatory, it was refreshing to see sold-out crowds for both Thao & the Get Down Stay Down and Alex G on Tuesday night.  Opener Little Scream shared in the camaraderie by fine-tuning a brand new set in anticipation of their May 6 release of Cult Following, the follow-up to 2011’s dusky Golden Record.  Just two tracks were plugged in from Golden Record, including… continue reading


Show Review: We the Kings @ Brighton Music Hall 3.25.16

Seeing We the Kings live is a nostalgic trip back to middle school (and yes, they do have more than one song). The night was filled with too many openers, followed by an energetic, fun and maybe even predictable set by We the Kings to make up for all the standing I had to do prior. She is We kicked off their set with “All About Us,” made popular because… continue reading


Embrace the Rain | A Mixtape by Jonathan Vayness

It’s the first week of May and we haven’t seen a day above 60 degrees, or the sun for that matter. I’ll admit that there’s a certain amount of springtime blues that comes along with the rain, but there’s just no better time to listen to stripped down, mellow music than when Mother Nature is begging you to stay in your room. To help, here’s a playlist for a weekend of staring out wet… continue reading

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Prince: The Beautiful One

  Editor’s Note: A discography overview feature on the expansive career of Prince was planned, written and sent to print for the forthcoming issue of Tastemakers, weeks before today’s tragic news. In light of the circumstances, we’ve decided to bring it to the web as well with a new introduction by the author. -Ben Stas, Editor in Chief … I wrote this discography because I love Prince and the news… continue reading


A Q&A with Micky James of the Karma Killers

The Karma Killers are part of a long tradition of glammed-up, New York post-punk. After a few dragged-out years as a DIY act, they found a home for their refined pop hooks and new wave sensibilities at Island Records. Tastemakers caught up with frontman Micky James at the Sinclair in Cambridge to talk chipped teeth, classic guitars, and the undeniable impact of the Strokes. Tastemakers Magazine (TMM): A Rickenbacker is an… continue reading


Local Photos: Charlie Puth @ Brighton Music Hall 4.5.16

Fast-rising pop singer/songwriter Charlie Puth played a sold-out gig at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall last week, and Tastemakers photographer Shannon Pires was there. Check out her gallery of the night, including openers Sophie Beem and Phoebe Ryan, below.


Local Photos: The Naked and Famous @ The Sinclair 4.5.16

New Zealand indie electronic crew The Naked and Famous stopped by Cambridge’s Sinclair for an intimate, sold-out show last week, and photographer Sara Davila was on the scene for Tastemakers.