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Beach House – Depression Cherry

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Going into my first listen of /Depression Cherry/, I had the lone goal of figuring out what exactly the title meant, because the words “depression” and “cherry” are words that I never expected to be used side-by-side in any context. I could not give you an answer to that after however many times I listened to it. But I did notice something unusual for a Beach House album. /Depression Cherry/… continue reading

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Show Review: Earl Sweatshirt @ Paradise Rock Club 8.21.15

When Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter to confirm that Odd Future had disbanded, the surprise wasn’t the end of the L.A. rap collective which stormed the Internet five years ago, it was that anyone considered this news. A lot has changed since the group’s shock-and-horror assault got a bunch of adolescent white boys whose previous interest in rap had stopped at Linkin Park to stalk the hallways in Golf Wang… continue reading

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Caspian release new single “Darkfield”

Against the ambient uplift of previous single “Sad Heart of Mine,” Caspian’s latest is a lumbering antithesis. And a welcome one. Last week, the Beverly-native post-rockers released “Darkfield,” the second single from their upcoming full-length, Dust & Disquiet. Frantically percussive at the outset, “Darkfield” morphs into a crushing industrial grind in its second half. We’ve heard this formula before – notably on tracks like Waking Season’s “Procellous” – but good… continue reading


Pitchfork Music Festival 2015 – Day Three

Following suit from last year’s strong Sunday showing, Pitchfork Festival’s final day once again proved to be its best. The weekend’s most temperate weather combined with a near flawless lineup to close out the weekend with a bang. Straight out of the gate, Canada’s Viet Cong belied their claims of having been drinking tequila until 5 A.M. the preceding morning by delivering a tight and energetic set of their clanging… continue reading

Royal Blood

Q&A with Royal Blood

Royal Blood’s hard-hitting sound has already caught the attention of the rock community. Hot off the heels of a major label debut, the English duo has already earned praise from Jimmy Page and a support slot on Foo Fighters’ North American/UK tour. Tastemakers Magazine caught up with the group’s lead singer and bassist Mike Kerr to talk influences, their lack of a guitarist, and the future.   Tastemakers Magazine (TMM):… continue reading


Pitchfork Music Festival 2015 – Day Two

As Saturday afternoon rolled around in Chicago, Jimmy Whispers was wrapping up what sounded like an uncomfortable set with a bizarre “What A Wonderful World” cover while a lot of confused individuals waited for Protomartyr to take the Red Stage. The Detroit foursome struck up muscular post-punk grooves in the boiling sun, with frontman Joe Casey taking no notice of the heat in a black suit and snarling through his… continue reading


Pitchfork Music Festival 2015 – Day One

Ah Pitchfork Fest, how I love thee. The Chicago festival celebrated its 10th anniversary this past weekend at Union Park, offering up another stacked and diverse lineup that once again cemented its status as one of the finest musical gatherings around. From veteran rockers to up-and-coming talents of just about every genre imaginable, there was predictably no shortage of must-see sets, and not even alternating doses of the city’s least… continue reading


Miguel – Wildheart

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A quick glance at the cover art of Miguel’s Wildheart is all it takes to get a good idea of what’s to come on the album. It’s cosmic, colorful and Miguel’s shirtless figure towering over a bowed, naked woman is a less-than-subtle way of telling us that there will be no lack of sexuality. While in some ways this image is the perfect flyer for Miguel’s music, it doesn’t do… continue reading


Show Review: Mudhoney @ Brighton Music Hall 7.11.15

Before grunge veterans Mudhoney took the Brighton Music Hall stage, a local band called White Dynomite treated the audience to their best ‘70s rock star impersonations. The group’s members wore white suits, made dumb jokes about drinking and women and played standard-issue hard rock while strutting and posing with a sincerity that left no doubt that they took their shtick seriously. While the sheer silliness of the whole affair initially… continue reading


Holly Herndon – Platform

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Holly Herndon’s Platform, a creatural awakening sandwiched between thumping techno and intricate electronic glitch, maximizes the potential of human voice by contrasting it with a future dominated by technology. Herndon has always been interested in this computerized vision of the future; her previous two albums, Car and Movement, somehow communicated both the fear and beauty of a technologic tomorrowland. Platform is an imagination of contemporary life in a completely mechanical-dominated… continue reading


Local Photos: Wire @ The Sinclair 6.2.2015

Post-punk vets Wire stopped by Cambridge’s Sinclair last month in support of their self-titled 14th studio album, with support from New Jersey experimentalist Julian Lynch. Photos from the evening are below.