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Local Photos: The Neighbourhood @ House of Blues 10.05.15

Tastemakers photographer Seb Herforth was on the scene at the House of Blues Monday night for a show by California rockers The Neighbourhood with openers Bad Suns.


Local Photos: MS MR @ Royale 10.05.15

New York indie pop duo MS MR headlined the Royale on Monday night, and photographer Peri MacRae was there to snap some photos during their set.  


Local Photos: Ben Rector @ House of Blues 10.01.15

Singer/songwriter Ben Rector brought his current North American tour to Boston’s House of Blues on October 1st, and photographer Vanessa Faria was on hand to document the scene.

BØRNS_Press_Photo_1 (1)

A Q&A with BØRNS

The line stretched around Northeastern’s campus as students waited eagerly for the chance to see Garrett Borns, AKA BØRNS, perform. The Michigan native’s dreamy psychedelic pop has been gaining notoriety everywhere, from supporting Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff’s North American tour to a feature on Taylor Swift’s Instagram. BØRNS combines romantic lyrics and melodic vocals to create irresistibly catchy songs like “Electric Love” and “10,000 Emerald Pools.” Tastemakers sat down… continue reading


Show Review: Built to Spill 09.30.15

Built to Spill are well-suited to playing three-night stands like the one they just completed at Brighton Music Hall, having over two decades’ worth of material and a genuine guitar wizard in front man Doug Martsch. Their distinct sound, which uses melodic indie rock as a foundation for Martsch’s guitar squiggles and mind-blowing Young/Mascis-style solos, is a progenitor of the Pacific Northwest indie scene which birthed and inspired bands like… continue reading


Show Review: Houndmouth @ Royale 9.19.15

It was a cross-country road trip with colorful characters, woes, regrets, raucous good times and reflection. It was 21st century outlaws running moonshine past the county line love songs, abuzz with southern euphemisms and odes to the Maryann’s and the Otis’. It was a carousel of different leading vocals linked by an Apache handwoven quilt of harmonies. This was the night with Houndmouth and it was joyous. Houndmouth is a four piece group comprised of… continue reading

Swervedriver pictured at The Sinclair earlier this year

Show Review: Swervedriver @ The Sinclair 9.6.15

Above: Swervedriver pictured at The Sinclair in March The Sinclair hosted a half-full crowd on September 6th for Swervedriver, a 25-year-old British band that became known for their shoegaze sound in the ‘90s. The group, who reunited in 2008 after a decade-long hiatus, brought their latest tour in support of the 2015 album I Wasn’t Born to Lose You to Harvard Square on a sleepy Sunday evening. Swervedriver opened the set… continue reading


mewithoutYou- Pale Horses

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mewithoutYou has returned to their religious roots, only to make their most vast, different album to date. The band formed 15 years ago as a Christian rock group, writing music similar to La Dispute in that the lyrics and music are entirely separate entities which only come together later. This allows singer Aaron Weiss’ poetry to shine through, even on past releases in which the singing and/or music has been criticized. Pale Horses shifts… continue reading


A Moment with “Momentary Master” Albert Hammond Jr.

Today, longtime Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. embarks on an international tour in support of his newest solo effort. Momentary Masters is heartfelt and raw, addressing the challenges and changes Hammond has faced since his early days as an artist, including a battle with addiction. But despite these heavy themes, the guitarist finds the space for some whimsy alongside characteristic guitar licks. Tastemakers caught up with Hammond to discuss Carl… continue reading


Show Review: High on Fire & Pallbearer @ Royale 8.17.15

Your opinion on the current state of metal music, if you have one, probably hinges on your position within the Deafheaven divide. It’s usually one of two extremes. The genre is either lauded for a recent diversity boom, or decried for dilution bordering on sacrilege. While ideology wars are generally silly (and Deafheaven are great!) metal’s clash in sensibilities has yielded fascinatingly singular records in the last year. On one… continue reading


Local Photos: Twenty One Pilots @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 9.12.15

High-energy Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots, on tour in support of their new LP Blurryface, stopped by Boston on Saturday night for a show by the water at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. Photographer Peri MacRae was on the scene for Tastemakers.